About VEGO

Your Co-Pilot For Graphic Overlays

The creation of VEGO Inc (Visual Element Graphic Overlays) provides the window film, interior design, architectural design & in-house design departments with a viable resource in fabricating graphic overlays.

In 2012, VEGO was spun-off from a leading window film company that began in 1996 and developed a thorough understanding of the technology used in the sign making industry while designing for the flawless installation criteria of the window film industry.

Sign making companies commonly model themselves based on mass quantity projects where a cookie-cutter template has already been provided by the client.  This business model doesn't have the time to resource designers and re-tool machines for custom work that has a much smaller scope.

VEGO advises on solutions to a project's unique requirements.

VEGO can assist with:

Developing An Overlay Division
Advising On Projects
Design Simulations
Marketing Prototypes & Design Mock Ups
Final Design Overlay Fabrication

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